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“While America Slept” is a worthwhile and timely piece by English author and Americanphile Andrew Roberts. He like Winston Churchill believes given will and self belief Americans can accomplish virtually anything. In his classic The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Sam Huntington echoed this sentiment arguing if America’s elites retain confidence in the superiority of America, in American and Western values, the 21st century will be America’s and the West’s, that an ambitious, striving China and surging Islam can be met and contained. But it is abundantly clear today a great many of America’s elites including her Commander in Chief, not only no longer have confidence in their country’s righteousness and exceptionalism, but actively root and work for, and take pleasure enfeebling America.

Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright described America as “the indispensable nation.” She was more right than she knew and probably believed. A world in which America leading English-speaking and like-minded democracies is not globally ascendant would be a decidedly more dangerous, less free and less prosperous place – an increasingly Hobbesian world in which brutish despotisms and tyrannical ideologies cow and run roughshod over much of the planet.

Who would feel safer and be emboldened in such a world? Freedom’s enemies: Russian capo Vlad Putin, North Korean despot Kim Jong Il, militant Islamists, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chaves and Somali pirates.

Many not-so-very-long-ago liberated Eastern European countries would again find themselves in thrall to the Russian bear. Putiniste Russia’s invasion of Georgia, its shutting off gas to the Ukraine and much of Europe, and suspicion it attempted to murder Orange presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko by dioxin poisoning provided a foretaste. Would the prospect of a protest letter from EU foreign minister Catherine Ashton give a Moscow contemplating sending tanks to Tiblisi or Riga, or seizing the Crimea, pause?

Confronted with a nuclear North Korea which has already threatened to turn it into “a sea of fire” and an unchecked China, Japan would go nuclear.

Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are major sponsors of supremacist political Islam. In Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War Moorthy Muthuswamy calls them the Axis of Jihad. Although to date America and the West have done little if anything to acknowledge, much less to meaningfully check their export of political Islam and terror would increase.

Israel would/will preemptively destroy Islamist Iran’s nuclear program or the mullahs would menace the entire Middle East and trigger nuclear proliferation in a gallery of unsavory regimes.

Nuclear Pakistan which since independence has constructively cleansed the country of Hindus and Christians, could be expected to further attempt to undermine India.

Saudi Arabia’s most important export isn’t oil but rather Wahhabism. Its funding of mosques and madrassas in North America, Europe, Africa and South Asia has been largely unchallenged by the West.

Freedom of the high seas and secure worldwide shipping have been guaranteed in turn by a confident and globally dominant British Royal Navy and the U.S. Navy. They could no longer be taken for granted.

Castroite Hugo Chaves has already heaped praise upon and supported the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), narco-terrorists who have been battling the government for decades. He could be relied up to step up his efforts to sow trouble throughout Latin America.

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  1. Will and self belief are wonderful attributes. Ask any Jidahist.

    So it probably helps when they are guided by common sense, and more than a little understanding of – and respect for – the world we all live on.

    Sometimes, to non Americans, this understanding and respect appears somewhat missing in Washington and High Street, USA.

    Which is probably why Winston Churchill also said that “you can always rely on Americans to do the right thing … after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

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