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Earlier this week Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama in Pennsylvania’s democratic presidential primary by 10 percent points, which was all the more impressive as Obama outspent her 3 to 1 and won over 92% of the black vote.

What does it mean?

Obama’s character and record have started to receive a modicum of scrutiny, albeit late in the game. Remarks by Obama’s pastor of 20 years and spiritual father Jeremiah Wright have provoked a firestorm of outrage. Saint Barack and Pastor Jeremiah Wright have both said Wright’s remarks were taken out of context. If anything, in context they’re worse. Here’re two Wright sermons in their entirety. They reveal Obama’s moral lodestar of 20 years as a vile, anti-America, racist hate monger, which reflects something about the essence of Obama. The incomparable and Pulitzer-prize winning Charles Krauthammer pierces the aura of Obama cult worship and asks why, if Jeremiah Wright – a man who curses America, expressed moral satisfaction with the deaths of three thousand innocents on 9/11, and preaches racial essentialism utterly at odds with the American creed, did Obama contribute $22,500 to his church and more importantly why did he expose his daughters to Wright’s divisive and hateful message. Speaking to an affluent lefty San Francisco audience Obama derided small-town Pennsylvanians as small-minded bigots clinging to guns and faith. His attempts to explain himself reinforced the original message and impression that he is an elitist out-of-touch with Joe Six Pack.

Notwithstanding his de rigueur protestations to the contrary, Obama clearly does not believe in the second-amendment protecting Americans’ right to own fire arms. Of course Clinton is far from a stalwart defender of the second amendment. Nonetheless she has done a better job at disguising her real views. Most Pennsylvanians have a gun in the household.

Obama has maintained a 20 year association with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant 1960’s era radical who founded the terrorist Weatherman Underground. In a NYT interview Ayers said “”I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

On the American political continuum Obama is an extremist with the most leftwing voting record in the US Senate, to the left of ‘liberal” icon Ted Kennedy and Socialist Bernie Saunders.

Still Clinton remains well behind in elected delegates and the media’s beloved Obama the favorite. But come the convention neither Obama nor Clinton is likely to have sufficient elected delegate to cinch the nomination. Therefore the votes of Democrat “super delegates” – politicians and party establishment , ultimately will pick the nominee.

Including contested Florida and Michigan, Clinton has in fact won more popular votes. Except for Obama’s home state of Illinois, she won the large states: California, New York, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan and Florida. Any Democrat will carry California, New York and Illinois. No Democrat will win come November without carrying Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Clinton polls stronger among women, Hispanics and blue-collar workers. Obama is stronger with Blacks and Independents.

Democrats can take the Black vote for granted.However, Hispanics, women, and particularly the decisive blue-collar vote will be in play.

While Clinton’s negatives remain high, she has an increasingly powerful argument that she would be the stronger Democrat candidate against Senator John McCain in the general election.

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